23-Oct-2020 - Grandperspective GmbH

Making gas leaks in the chemical industry visible from kilometres away

Grandperspective secures seed financing

Over 30% of major leaks of toxic of flammable industrial gases remain undetected by gas sensors. Grandperspective develops with the scanfeldTM world’s first early warning solution monitoring entire chemical parks for gas leaks. The High-Tech Gründerfond (HTGF) finances this innovation in cooperation with Brandburg Kapital, DiaMedCare and various business angels.

The scanfeldTM early warning solution combines a novel detection system with an intelligent software solution to form world’s first remote monitoring solution for chemical plants. Hundreds of different chemicals are identified from kilometres distance by means of FTIR spectroscopy. Large areas such as production sites, storage or transportation areas are monitored with just a handful of sensor units. Gas leaks are quickly detected and the distribution of hazardous gas clouds is monitored and visualized in real-time.

The fully automated early warning solution is designed for the control room of the plant. It delivers an intuitive visualization of the gas cloud and mapping of hazard zones.

"Our goal is to revolutionize the safety standards in the next years. HTGF and other big investors like Brandenburg Kapital and DiaMedCare secure a strong market entry", said René Braun, founder and CEO of the Grandperspective.

"Grandperspective strikes out new paths in industrial safety. Preventing incidents early on from the distance and effectively mitigating the effects – that convinced us", said Marie Asano, Investment Manager at HTGF.

The founders are well experienced in the design and application of remote sensing technology for hazardous gases. Peter Maas and René Braun have gained extensive knowledge in their roles as developers and application specialists working with first responders world-wide.

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