Krones Recycling is spun off as an independent subsidiary company


The demand for recycled plastics is increasing rapidly worldwide: consumer awareness is growing, companies are setting themselves ever more ambitious sustainability targets and recycling requirements from international governments are also increasing. As a company with almost 30 years of experience in plastics processing and almost 25 years in the field of recycling, Krones has now taken the pioneering decision to pool its recycling expertise in the independent subsidiary Krones Recycling GmbH from July 2024.


A wide range of plastics such as PET, PE, PP and PS are already being processed on Krones Recycling's lines worldwide.

A logical step, as Krones CEO Christoph Klenk explains: "The spin-off will enable Krones Recycling to develop faster and in line with market requirements. Because in line with our claim Solutions beyond tomorrow, this division makes a decisive contribution to protecting the environment by returning plastic waste to the value-added cycle."

More flexibility, familiar all-in-one service

In addition, thanks to leaner processes and structures, the new company will be able to respond more quickly to changes in the constantly changing recycling market, says Michael Gotsche, Managing Director of Krones Recycling GmbH: "The newly founded company offers us the necessary flexibility and scope for action to be able to implement decisions in a customer-oriented, fast and optimised manner."

For all its independence, however, the name Krones Recycling not only symbolises the focus on plant engineering in the field of recycling, it also reflects the close connection to the Krones Group. "We know that our clients appreciate Krones' overall line expertise, which means they get everything from a single source. They can continue to rely on this in the future. The worldwide sales and service network is also available to us without restriction," Gotsche continues.

Ambitious goals

A large number of plastics such as PET, PE, PP and PS are already being processed on Krones Recycling's lines worldwide. "Our vision is to make a daily contribution to a global circular economy for all plastics by offering

our customers sustainable and profitable recycling solutions," says Michael Gotsche, describing the overarching business objective. There is also a clear marker in relation to Krones' sustainability targets: at least 30 per cent of the plastics processed on Krones lines are to be returned to the cycle as a recycled resource.

Consequently, Krones Recycling will continue to conduct intensive research into new innovations at its in-house Recycling Technology Centre. There, tests on the recyclability of various plastics, including adhesives and colours, can also be carried out under real conditions on behalf of customers.

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