Evocatal and RohnerChem announce strategic partnership for enzymatic chemistry development and upscaling

06-Feb-2012 - Germany

Evocatal and RohnerChem combine their complementary services to offer customers a seamless solution for the development of high-performance biocatalytic processes
and their rapid application in the synthesis of fine chemicals and API.

The focus of this strategic partnership is to offer highly innovative routes to enantiomerically pure products, to realize the most cost-competitive process for a customer product from the beginning and to reduce commercialization timelines. The
preferred but non-exclusive partnership will allow customers to benefit from the synergy of Evocatal`s premium services in development and supply of tailored enzymes and RohnerChem`s unique process development and upscaling capabilities.

The Evocatal enzyme universe consists of a variety of Ketoreductases, C-C-coupling enzymes, Esterases, Transaminases, Hydroxynitrilases and others which allow access to almost all functional groups in very cost competitive processes and with ee values almost always close to 100 %.

For enantiomerically pure products for which the process is not yet available, Evocatal can quickly develop and produce tailored enzymes which will be applied in RohnerChem`s pilot plant and production equipment. The experience of RohnerChem in asymmetric hydrogenations and other complementary technologies ensures that really the most economic process will be selected in this partnership.

Customers will have to deal with only one project manager to reduce complexity and maximise service levels.

“The technologies and capabilities of evocatal and RohnerChem match excellently”, says Dr. Michael Puls, Managing Director of evocatal. “By combining the chemical technologies and scale-up abilities of RohnerChem with the high efficiency of our biocatalysis platforms we can provide most comprehensive services and create great value for our customers.”

Dr Andreas Meudt, Sales & Marketing Director of RohnerChem, commented: “Our cooperation with the Evocatal enzyme experts completes the RohnerChem offering in state-of-the-art synthesis methods and allows us to ensure that our customers get the best process in the shortest possible timeframe - with Swiss precision in upscaling.”

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

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