05-Dec-2012 - SensoTech GmbH

Distributor training lays foundation for global optimal customer service

As a specialist in the analysis of fluids SensoTech produces since 22 years high-end analyzers for inline concentration measurement, sold in Germany as well as abroad. To ensure premium customer consulting and excellent service worldwide, regular training sessions are organized for the international employees and sales representatives. The main focus include technical knowledge, valuable application expertise and the development of customer-oriented solutions.

In November SensoTech once again invited to two international trainings, that have taken place in the headquarters in Germany. "The intensive training of our representatives and employees all over the world is very important to us, because it lays the foundation for a global best customer service," says managing director Mathias Bode. "As a globally connected company, we can offer our customers the highest quality and support, which is due to the dedication and knowledge of each person."

In addition to detailed product information, the different uses of the LiquiSonic® analyzers in many processes and industries were part of the schedule. For example, the applications in the chemical, steel and food industry were discussed. By practical lab experiments the participants could see the quality of the SensoTech analyzers. A brewery visit completed the training program and draw the line from theory to practice. The following beer tasting put the sense of taste to the test with great enthusiasm.

The evenings concluded in mood and convivially. Sporting and cultural activities, such as bowling or go-cart, were a welcome change and offered many opportunities to get to know each other and share experiences.

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