Oxea recognized for health management

21-Jan-2013 - Germany

Oxea announced that it has received the Seal of Excellence in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry category of the prestigious Corporate Health Awards. Under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA), the Corporate Health Awards are presented each year by TÜV SÜD Life Service, the German business paper Handelsblatt and EuPD Research to recognize German companies which have displayed exemplary commitment to the health of their employees and a forward-looking, sustainable personnel strategy.

Oxea’s health strategy focuses on four different areas: movement, relaxation, addiction prevention and nutrition. The company offers courses and special activities in each area, so there is something for every employee, regardless of whether they are in production and technology or in administrative and commercial positions. At the end of each year, the company reviews the activities; popular and established ones are continued and new ones are added.

“As a result of legal changes to the retirement age and the effects of demographic change, many people will have to work to the age of 67. We want our health management program to encourage employees to take an even more active interest in this issue. The goal is to maintain physical and mental performance on the job and at home. By following a health program, I am confident that our employees will be healthier ten years from now and able to work longer,” said Dr. Martina Flöel, spokesperson for the Executive Board of Oxea. “Our occupational health management program is therefore critical to our continued success as a company.”

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