Perstorp inaugurates major new Oxo plant in Sweden

27-May-2015 - Sweden

Perstorp officially opened a major extension to its capacity to produce PVC plasticizers and key chemical intermediates. The new state-of-the-art Oxo plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, began producing material soon after its start-up in January, and is now running at full regime and delivering high quality material according to plan.


Perstorp's new Oxo plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, the result of the company's largest-ever investment, is now producing key feedstocks for PVC plasticizers, lubricants, adhesives and surfactants.

“The new production platform is the single largest investment in Perstorp’s history and clearly demonstrates Perstorp’s commitment to the PVC industry,” says Perstorp CEO Jan Secher. “It significantly boosts our output of valeraldehyde and 2-propyl heptanol (2-PH), two key raw materials for Perstorp’s innovative general purpose PVC plasticizers, Emoltene™ 100 and Pevalen™. It is a testimony to our commitment to the PVC industry, and puts us in a very strong competitive position.”

Jerker Olsson, Vice President Business Unit Oxo, says: “The upstream integration into essential raw materials greatly strengthens Perstorp’s position as a reliable supplier of innovative plasticizers to the PVC market. We have raised our total Oxo capacity by 150,000 tonnes per year and become one of the few fully integrated suppliers of plasticizers.”

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