23-Oct-2002 -

CareX and Chemical Diversity Labs announce research agreement

French biopharmaceutical company CareX S.A. and San Diego based Chemical Diversity Labs, Inc. announced that they have formed a research collaboration that applies methods of rational drug design to Focused Library Screening of bio-active substances.

Under the terms of the agreement, Chemical Diversity Labs, Inc. will provide several lead-enriched libraries for CareX's drug discovery targets in the field of metabolic diseases. ICM protein modeling and flexible docking software platform designed by Chemical Diversity's partner MolSoft (San Diego, CA, USA) was used to find potential binders of CareX's targets. Chemical Diversity Labs, Inc. then produced arrays of potential ligands in parallel synthesis and additionally selected likely binding molecules from its world's largest commercial diverse collection of 400,000 small molecules.

Dr. Jurgen Lehmann, CSO of CareX, and Dr. Stanley Lang, VP Chemistry of Chemical Diversity Labs, Inc., were equally excited about the opportunity of joining the possibilities of rational drug design and modern small molecule synthesis with the target knowledge and screening technology of CareX. The new approach of screening a set of maximum diverse compounds as well as several focused libraries on similar targets for an optimized search of the available chemical space for hits was jointly developed by CareX and Chemical Diversity Labs, Inc.

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