14-Jul-2015 - NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH


NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH announced its acquisition of GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH.

GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH, located in Ahlden, Germany, is a globally leading manufacturer of high-force dynamic mechanical thermal analyzers (DMA/DMTA). Their instruments are the industry standard in the field of tire and rubber testing.

Ronald Gaddum, Managing Director of GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH, is clearly satisfied: “The global presence of the NETZSCH Group with its outstanding Sales and Service locations in our main markets, together with GABO’s product spectrum, build a solid foundation for mutually growing the business and taking the lead in the market. GABO’s high-force DMA/DMTA instruments and fully automatic DMAs with automatic sample feed will be making an important contribution in this regard. Through synergistic effects in development, applications and sales, we expect this union to create a market leader offering complete solutions in dynamic mechanical materials testing and thermal analysis. Our team is excited to collaborate with a globally active, German-based company that understands not only our position but also the possibilities ahead.”

Dr. Thomas Denner, Head of the NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing Business Unit, and Dr. Jürgen Blumm, Managing Director of Marketing & Sales, commented on the acquisition: “We are very excited about the union of NETZSCH and GABO – both are family-owned companies with long traditions and have product lines in leading positions worldwide. This undertaking will enable us to offer an even broader product range to many sectors, especially rubber & tire, composites and high-temperature materials – and all from a single source.”

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