06-Mar-2001 - Varian, Inc.

Varian: World's Fastest ICP-OES Delivers Unmatched Productivity and Detection Capabilities

Offering unmatched laboratory productivity and measurement performance, Varian Inc.'s (Nasdaq: VARI) Vista-PRO is the world's fastest ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer) two to three times faster than competing ICP systems. The top-of-the-line Vista-PRO spectrometer can analyze 73 elements in 35 seconds, with a capacity of more than 1000 samples per day. It also offers laboratories a significant reduction in argon consumption, dramatically reducing operational costs.

Vista-PRO addresses the needs of environmental, geo-chemical, clinical and contract laboratories managing heavy workloads. The newest Varian ICP offers full wavelength coverage from the unique VistaChip CCD detector, which can detect any elemental wavelength from 167 to 780 nm. This enables the Vista-PRO to detect low levels of elements and very high levels of elements simultaneously. For example, Vista-PRO users can measure parts-per-billion levels of lead at the same time as they measure up to percentage levels of elements such as calcium, potassium and sodium.

Key to the performance of the Vista-PRO is a new suite of instrument control and measurement software applications, including time-resolved software for speciation, a powerful reporting engine for real-time, direct interfacing to Microsoft Word and Excel applications, real-time reference standard tracking and tools for GALP/CFR-21 compliance.

"The cost-savings, efficiency and unprecedented ICP-OES performance of the Vista-PRO will make it an indispensable addition to labs with the most demanding requirements," said Greg Davis, vice president and general manager of Varian, Inc.'s spectroscopy instruments business. "With the introduction of the Vista-PRO at the top of the Varian, Inc. ICP range laboratories can obtain the capabilities that match their needs and budget, no matter how challenging. The range includes the entry-level Liberty spectrometer, the mid-priced Vista-MPX and now the Vista-PRO, targeted at high-end, high-volume laboratories."

The Varian, Inc. Vista-PRO ICP-OES is priced from (U.S.) $80,000. It will be available in May 2001.

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