PerkinElmer Releases Second-Generation Non-Contact Microarray Production Tool


PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, today announced the launch of the new Piezorray, a second-generation, non-contact microarray production tool.

Based on PerkinElmer's proven PiezoTipnology(TM), Piezorray is one of the most flexible microarray research tools available on the market. It has the ability to pipette into and aspirate out of a number of standard plate formats and dispense to a variety of non-porous and 3D substrates, such as PerkinElmer's Hydrogel(TM), for creating genomic and protein arrays.

Piezorray features all new software with a Windows® XP based graphical user interface similar to PerkinElmer's leading SpotArray(TM) and ScanArray® technologies. This interface enhances ease of use and reduces set-up time, allowing users to focus more of their time on research. The software offers users a highly robust package for customization of array layout. GAL file compatibility allows for communication with popular data analysis software such as PerkinElmer's ScanArray Express. Newly designed hardware and motion control systems offer improved performance and efficiency for array production. Optimized for both throughput and array quality, the system offers maximum reproducibility and yield.

"Many microarray users are moving toward a non-contact method of arraying to obtain improved quality and more precision, particularly in the field of protein arrays," said Paul Gillyon, vice president and general manager, Biopharmaceutical, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "Piezorray is on the cutting edge of open platform arrays technology and provides a world-class, easy-to-use instrument for academic, research and core array production facilities."

Standard features include four PiezoTip dispensers, a flexible deck layout scheme which allows for one source-plate holder, and printing for up to 25 slides or five 96-well plates and a Windows XP operating system on an external PC. Options include temperature control manifold for the substrate and plate holders, helium sparging for degassing system liquid, an environmental enclosure, and an additional camera for targeting the dispensed samples.

PerkinElmer offers a complete integrated solution for microarrays with printing and scanning instrumentation and software for image analysis, data tracking and visualization. Visit for more information.

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