12-Apr-2001 - BRUKER AXS Inc.

BRUKER AXS acquires Nonius from Delft

Bruker AXS Inc., a leading global provider of advanced X-ray solutions for the life and advanced materials sciences, today announced that it has closed the acquisition of the worldwide Nonius crystallography business from Delft Instruments. Nonius, with calendar year 2000 revenue of >$8 million, has 42 employees worldwide, and is headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands.

The former Nonius in Delft will become Bruker Nonius BV, and will be the joint European center for x-ray crystallography. The combined crystallography product lines of Bruker AXS and Nonius will be marketed under the joint brand Bruker Nonius. Mr. Lieuwe Boskma will continue to lead Bruker Nonius BV as Managing Director. In addition, he will assume the role of Vice President –Crystallography Solutions of Bruker AXS with global responsibility for Bruker Nonius products for chemical and biological crystallography.

"We are very excited about this combination. Nonius has cutting-edge technology, an excellent market reputation, and experienced motivated employees. Nonius is an ideal fit for Bruker AXS and provides important resources to accelerate the development and marketing of our new life-science tools for high-throughput structural proteomics." stated Dr. Martin Haase, President and CEO of Bruker AXS. "Furthermore, this merger will also allow us to strengthen our product development and customer support for our eyisting customer base in chemical crystallography."

Lieuwe Boskma, the future Vice President – Crystallography Solutions at Bruker AXS, added: "The Nonius staff is very positive about this plan. Over the last year we had been looking into various strategic partnership options to strengthen our position in small-molecule crystallography, while accelerating the development of innovative structural proteomics solutions. With Delft Instruments focusing on medical and industrial markets, the current opportunity with Bruker AXS is just perfect. With investments from the Bruker AXS group, Bruker Nonius BV will be able to strengthen its position as a center of excellence for crystallography solutions, in collaboration with the well-established Bruker AXS crystallography group in Madison, Wisconsin. While maintaining the essence of our identity, we foresee that this combination definitely brings "added value" to our present customers, as our worldwide service and support coverage will improve tremendously. For future systems solutions, we can now combine the best available technologies of two leading x-ray providers, which brings us closer to the realization of a crystallography "dream machine.""

"The strategic fit and timing of this transaction provide a compelling rationale for this combination of Nonius and Bruker AXS in x-ray crystallography," commented Frank H. Laukien, Ph.D., the Chairman of Bruker AXS. "The complementary technologies and great team of Nonius will become an integral part of our strategy of being the leading provider of life-science and materials research tools based on advanced x-ray technology."

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