21-Aug-2003 - Agilent Technologies Inc.

Agilent Technologies to integrate its HPLC and ChemStation solutions with Advanced Chemistry Development's Software

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. (ACD/Labs) announced an agreement to develop and market the integration of ACD/Labs AutoChrom and ChromGenius software with the Agilent ChemStation software and 1100 Series HPLC systems. The agreement is expected to benefit analytical laboratories in a wide range of industries by providing a faster and more productive way to develop analysis methods for high-throughput applications.

ACD/Labs' forthcoming AutoChrom will be a fully automated version of ACD/Labs Method Development Suite, a complete package of ACD/Labs tools for databasing, sharing, processing, and optimizing chromatographic applications, as well as for developing new separation methods based on chemical structures and retained chromatographic knowledge. The first release of ACD/Labs AutoChrom will only be compatible with Agilent ChemStation.

This agreement also provides ChemStation users with the ability to push task lists from ACD/Labs ChromGenius to ChemStation. ACD/Labs ChromGenius is a generic method selection tool for high-throughput chromatography that determines appropriate separation methods based on analyte structure and pre-experimental calculations.

ACD/Labs software currently supports Agilent's electronic formats for liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) data, enabling scientists to import data seamlessly from Agilent ChemStation into ACD/Labs ChromManager or Method Development Suite. Both ACD/Labs products come equipped with the ACD/Labs Chromatography Applications Database, which comprises over 4,800 applications, including those developed on Agilent columns. Users can retrieve suitable separation methods for an analyte by conducting structure similarity and substructure searches on existing Agilent methods or methods imported from ChemStation.

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