Toyo Engineering works for 3,000 t/d Oman Methanol


Toyo Engineering Corp. is executing an engineering contract for Oman Methanol Company L.L.C. (OMC) to construct a 3,000t/d methanol plant, the first methanol plant in Oman, at Sohar Industrial Port Area. OMC has been established in December 2003 as a special purpose company by Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL), Oman Methanol Holding Company and MAN Ferrostaal Aktiengesellschaft. Toyo will provide basic and detailed engineering as well as other technical services for the erection, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of the project.

The plant will employ Johnson Matthey's Low Pressure Methanol Process incorporated with Toyo's proprietary MRF-Z® Reactor for methanol synthesis, and Toyo's steam reforming and syngas generation technology is employed to make syngas as feedstock to the Low Pressure Methanol Process.

MRF-Z® Reactor is the only reactor in the world as of today designed, within the mechanical restrictions imposed by manufacturing, to be capable of producing 5,000 t/d methanol in a single reactor vessel. The 3,000t/d MRF-Z® Reactor would become the world largest methanol converter composed of a single vessel and raising steam as energy saving design.

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