Patent Granted For Organon Anesthetic


Akzo Nobel has been granted a patent for Organon's compound Org 25969 by the European Patent Office. The patent for the U.S has already been granted. Targeted for use in the field of anesthesia, Org 25969 is the first Selective Relaxant Binding Agent (SRBA) for the reversal of neuromuscular block.

For more than two decades, one of the main fields of research in anesthesiology has involved attempts to develop a fast-acting reversal agent which would enable patients under general anesthesia to recover from total muscular block quickly, safely and completely. Organon, Akzo Nobel's human healthcare business, is developing the first SRBA which achieves complete reversal within three minutes of being administered, regardless of the depth of block (current reversal agents can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the depth of block).

"This SRBA is an exciting drug. It demonstrates the type of innovative research that Organon has excelled in for many years in the field of anesthesia. The unique mode of action of Org 25969 is one outcome of this ground-breaking research. It is the first compound to enable recovery from neuromuscular block almost instantly and anesthesiologists who study this new SRBA are amazed by the revolutionary capabilities," said Willem de Laat, Organon's Executive Vice President, Development and Medical Affairs.

Org 25969 is currently entering phase III clinical trials.

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