BOC sponsors national hydrogen conference


BOC is sponsoring the National hydrogen Association (NHA)'s 16th annual conference and Hydrogen Expo in Washington DC. BOC is a sustaining member of NHA and a member of the group's board of directors and executive committee. The NHA is composed of industry, university, research and small business members leading the transition to a hydrogen-based energy infrastructure. This forum is designed to promote the role of hydrogen in energy independence, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity, focusing on critical issues in the development of hydrogen technologies.

"BOC is proud to be so actively involved in the NHA and appreciates the fine work the group does to advance hydrogen energy activities. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to share our expertise in hydrogen to promote greater adoption of these emerging technologies," said Mike McGowan, director, hydrogen energy.

"New ways of partnering can help us achieve sustainable solutions more quickly and efficiently than we can do alone. BOC participates in high profile demonstration projects, supports the development of new technology, creates innovative customer solutions, and invests in new ventures," said John Carolin, global director sustainable energy.

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