Ashland’s Fine Ingredients Division Invests in New Nutritional Facility at LaMirada, California


Continuing its ongoing commitment and investment in the nutritional ingredients market, Ashland Distribution Company’s Fine Ingredients Division (FID) has opened a new, 29,000-square-foot customized blending, quality control and warehouse facility in LaMirada, Calif., to support its Ashland nutritional products business unit.

“By having our customized blending, warehouse and quality control operations under one roof, we are strategically prepared to meet the increasing demand for nutritional ingredients and nutritional blends from our customers, especially the growing demand in the food and beverage industry. The new facility has also enabled us to shorten the lead time for developing and/or producing these stock or proprietary nutritional blends,” said Gary A. Landsettle, nutritional business manager, Fine Ingredients Division.

In addition to the new facility, Ashland Nutritional Products also provides technical support to customers to assist them in formulating nutritional blends or in developing new products. This Technical Service Group allows customers access to more than 80 years of combined technical experience in the nutritional industry.

“Ashland is committed to investing in the nutritional industry and to continuing our role as a steward of nutritional industry quality standards and partnerships with suppliers. Our new facility, experienced nutritional staff, distribution network and access to more than 1,500 nutritional ingredients positions us to continue providing a higher standard of products, services and hands-on assistance to meet our customers’ increasing formulation needs,” said Gerald M. Snyder, vice president and general manager, Ashland's Fine Ingredients Division.

Ashland Nutritional Products provides a full line of more than 1,500 individual ingredients including vitamins, botanicals, proteins, fibers, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts and others to the food and beverage and nutrition/health industries.

In addition to creating proprietary customer blends, Ashland Nutritional also offers a number of available base nutritional blend/premixes that are analyzed to assure accurate potency and adherence to blend/premix specifications, including: 100% RDI Vitamin & Minerals, (K) Antioxidant Blend Greens Blend Complete 100% RDI Vitamins Echinacea Flu Blend Protein Blend 100% RDI Minerals Energy Blend Vitamin B Blend Acerola Blend Ginkgo Blend

Customers can work with a FID representative to develop a proprietary or customized nutritional blend/premix for their own products. Ashland will also provide technical assistance and trial samples as needed. Utilizing these convenient custom or available base blends/premixes adds value to a customer’s production process by reducing overall inventory costs and production and labor costs.


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