26-Apr-2006 - Messe München GmbH

20th Analytica: The trade show for the global analysis sector

The industry representatives that gather at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from April 25 - 28, 2006 see themselves as people who guarantee our quality of live, consumer protection and safety. Without analysis techniques, state-of-the-art laboratory technology and the latest achievements in biotechnology and the life sciences, it would impossible to diagnose the bird flu as quickly and precisely or to test thousands of athletes' urine and blood samples for banned doping substances at the Olympic Games. Those are just two examples from a wide range of solutions that service-providers and innovators in the analysis sector make available to various branches of industry including the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, environmental technology, nutrition, consumer goods, electrical engineering and metal processing sectors.

Focus: Marketable solutions for laboratories in industry and research

Sample sizes and reagents in the nanoliter range, the shortest possible analysis times due to combined methods, accurately detecting the tiniest traces of substances using highly sensitive detectors: As a marketplace for marketable products and solutions in the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology sectors, Analytica not only showcases the latest innovations and trends of established market leaders, new startups and university spin-offs. To mark its 20th birthday, it will also take a historic journey through 40 years of laboratory history. The Analytica Museum will present the beginnings of modern analysis and its innovative milestones. Klaus Dittrich, Managing Director of Munich International Trade Fairs: "From conventional dial gauges to modern LCD displays and microprocessor controls, from analysis equipment that filled entire laboratory tables to portable, pocket-sized devices, and from analysis procedures that required a great deal of time and manpower to ready-to-use test kits that can be used to conduct analyses at any location and are as simple to use as a pregnancy test - Analytica 2006 will present the entire fascinating world of analysis." Laboratory automation, lab-on-chip technologies, point-of-care diagnostics, analysis in the nanoliter range and high-throughput screening will be the most important trends at Analytica 2006. They are indispensable in modern laboratories, particularly when it come to the most important challenges facing the analysis sector, e.g. food, doping, drug, epidemic and environmental analysis as well as medical diagnostics, forensics and criminology. Thanks to its successful exhibition profile, Analytica focuses exclusively on solutions for laboratory applications and presents them in a manner that is both comprehensive and detailed."

Biotechnology: People do business at Analytica

Despite a difficult phase of consolidation during the past few years, biotechnology and the life sciences are important markets of the future. According to a recent study by Ernst & Young, Europe is holding its own just behind the USA, which currently leads the world market. Germany has the largest number of biotechnology companies in Europe. Munich is the largest biotech cluster in Germany and is considered one of the largest and most important clusters in the world. Analytica has given this important and dynamic industry of the future its own exhibition sector, i.e. "Biotechnology and Life Sciences", from the very beginning, and today it is one of the most rapidly growing sectors at the fair. This year's Analytica will set another new record with 383 companies in this sector.

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