GPC Biotech Announces Proteomics Alliance with Aventis Pharma


GPC Biotech AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: GPC), a leading genomics- and proteomics-based drug discovery company, today announced a research collaboration with Aventis Pharma Drug Innovation and Approval (Paris, France) utilizing GPC Biotech's PathCode™ technology to identify and validate interaction partners for an Aventis drug discovery target. PathCode™ is GPC Biotech's proprietary, high-fidelity technology for protein interaction mapping. The identity of the target and financial terms were not announced. This is GPC Biotech's third research alliance with Aventis Pharma. In 1999, GPC Biotech and Aventis Pharma (Frankfurt, Germany) successfully collaborated on a proteomics-based research project using GPC Biotech's PathCode™ technology for the discovery of new anti-fungal targets and their biochemical pathways. Aventis Pharma is also GPC Biotech's partner in an ongoing 3-year genomics- and proteomics-based research project in the field of osteoarthritis. In this project GPC Biotech uses its broad technology platform to identify and validate targets for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Bernd R. Seizinger M.D., Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of GPC Biotech, said "We are very pleased to be applying our PathCode™ proteomics technology platform to Aventis Pharma's drug discovery target in a third alliance with Aventis. Commercializing our broad technology platform by forming strategic alliances with premier pharmaceutical companies such as Aventis is part of our dual business model. Such alliances validate the value of our technologies and the resulting revenues allow us to further our own drug discovery and development programs and to invest in enhancing our technology platform."

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