14-Jan-2008 - Ascenion GmbH

Ascenion mediates licensing contract between the Helmholtz Zentrum München and YXLON International

Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health, together with the University of Oregon, USA have developed a new image reconstruction system for computed tomography that produces greater image quality at a lower radiation dose compared with standard systems. With the help of Ascenion GmbH, a licensing agreement has been closed with YXLON International Group Holding GmbH. YXLON will use and market the new system exclusively for commercial applications in material testing. The German Research Center for Environmental Health and the University of Oregon receive a down payment and a share of future sales revenue.

The new system provides improved raw data analysis and enables high-quality, simplified data collection. The novel reconstruction algorithm ensures significantly more efficient removal of artefacts and background noise compared with standard methods to date. "This could, for example, increase air safety", explains Dr Hoeschen, Head of the Working Group Medical Physics at the German Research Center for Environmental Health. "The system is even able to recognise microcracks in highly stressed components, for example, rotating elements in aircraft turbines." In addition, the greater efficiency will accelerate material testing. Gas pipelines, for example, would not have to be closed down as long for testing. Finally, the reduced radiation dose increases the lifespan of CT equipment, thereby reducing costs.

The signing of the contract concludes a year of successful collaboration between YXLON and researchers of the German Research Center for Environmental Health in which the system was evaluated and the foundations of a close future collaboration were laid. The partners plan to test various industrial applications and develop them for the market. "This reconstruction system has the potential to broaden the use of computer tomography for industrial X-ray testing and to make it a standard procedure in the middle term", says Dr Joseph Kosanetzky, CEO YXLON International.

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