Rohm and Haas Looks Ahead to the Next Phase of REACH Requirements

06-Mar-2009 - Switzerland
Rohm and Haas is preparing for the next steps after successfully achieving the first critical milestone set by the European Union’s REACH regulation. “We are actively complying with REACH requirements,” says Gray Wirth, Rohm and Haas president Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) Region. “Operating and cooperating in a regulatory environment such as REACH is nothing new for Rohm and Haas. This is routine for us wherever we operate and is consistent with our core values concerning safety and the environment,” emphasizes Wirth. “We went into this process well prepared,” said Wirth. On December 1st 2008, the company completed the pre-registration phase of all substances which it manufactures in, or imports itself into, the EU, following the introduction of the REACH Regulation in June 2007. “We see REACH as presenting market opportunities for us,” adds Wirth. “We have the technology and resources to meet market needs that will result from REACH. Those needs will be part of our innovation efforts.”

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