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New concept for lithium-air batteries

Research project in Germany aims to improve the stability of this novel battery type


Lithium-air batteries, also known as lithium-oxygen batteries, are candidates for the next generation of high-energy electricity storage devices. Their theoretical energy storage capacity is ten times that of conventional lithium-ion batteries of the same weight, but they are not yet chemically ...


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Hydrogen Innovation: Project to scale AEM technology for industry applications

Fraunhofer IFAM and Sunfire, together with Canadian partners, are launching the "Integrate" research project


Research and industry have recognized the potential of alkaline AEM electrolysis and expect a fast technology development during the next decade. Fraunhofer IFAM and Sunfire, together with Canadian materials partner Ionomr Innovations, are now launching the "Integrate" research project to apply ...


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With new measurement methods for a longer service life of battery cells

More sustainability in electromobility and Co


The aging of battery cells cannot be easily determined under real conditions. However, an accurate statement about the aging state of the cells in operation forms the basis for a better understanding of the aging mechanisms of a battery and for extending its lifetime. In order to be able to ...


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Materials by recipe

Powder kit for more flexibility and material diversity in 3D printing


Powder-based laser beam melting (LPPF) is probably the best-known AM process and has great potential for industrial applications. But how can the limited range of materials for this process be circumvented and the market potential further expanded? This question was addressed by the IWM of RWTH ...


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Development of more efficient lithium-ion batteries

New impetus for electromobility


With the new project "RoSiLIB", the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Dresden is making a decisive contribution towards a CO2-neutral energy supply in mobility. To this end, new high-energy anodes for lithium-ion batteries are being developed ...


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Analysis system enables targeted investigation of antiviral surfaces for material developers

Use of real-time polymerase chain reaction to test antiviral effectiveness


The need for everyday objects with antiviral surfaces is high due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is known that the material composition of an object has an influence on the viability of viruses on surfaces. This is where the work of the Fraunhofer IFAM comes in: In cross-disciplinary research ...


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Functional coatings from the plasma nozzle


When manufacturing products, the coating technology is a key innovation driver for almost all areas of daily life – for example, for making scratch-proof displays for smart phones or anti-bacterial surfaces in refrigerators. Other coatings protect components from corrosion or aging, for example ...


Plastics and nanoparticles - the perfect combination


These days, plastic components are vital to many fields of industry - lightweight construction, automobile manufacturing and electrical engineering, to name but a few. Now researchers have found ingenious ways to combine plastics with nanoparticles and endow them with new properties. Thanks to ...


Sharkskin for airplanes, ships and wind energy plants


To lower the fuel consumption of airplanes and ships, it is necessary to reduce their flow resistance, or drag. An innovative paint system makes this possible. This not only lowers costs, it also reduces CO2 emissions. The inspiration – and model – for the paint‘s structure comes from nature: ...


Hollow spheres made of metal


Producing metallic hollow spheres is complicated: It has not yet been possible to make the small sizes required for new high-tech applications. Now for the first time researchers have manufactured ground hollow spheres measuring just two to ten millimeters. New drive technologies combined with ...


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