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Artificial intelligence “reading” and “understanding” research papers

Researchers from a startup train neural network to recognize chemical formulas from research papers


Researchers from Syntelly— a startup that originated at Skoltech— Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Sirius University have developed a neural network-based solution for automated recognition of chemical formulas on research paper scans. Thestudy was published in Chemistry-Methods, a ...


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Scientists pack centuries of organic chemistry into neat 2D visualization

New method for visualizing chemical reactions


Researchers from Skoltech, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Sirius University of Science andTechnology have proposed a new method for visualizing chemical reactions to help scientists understand the global chemical reaction space and come up with ways of synthesizing organic compounds used ...


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Novel polymer can boost performance of organic and perovskite solar cells


Skoltech researchers and their colleagues have synthesized a new conjugated polymer for organic electronics using two different chemical reactions and shown the impact of the two methods on its performance inorganic and perovskite solar cells. The paper was published in the journal ...


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Researchers proposed an attractive cheap organic material for batteries

New molecular design principle for battery polyimides


A new report by Skoltech scientists and their colleagues describes an organic material for the new generation of energy storage devices, which structure follows an elegant molecular design principle. It has recently been published in ACS Applied Energy Materials and made the cover of the ...


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AI-aided search for single-atom-alloy catalysts yields more than 200 promising candidates

"The developed methodology can be easily adapted to designing new functional materials for various applications"


Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from China and Germany have presented a new search algorithm for single-atom-alloy catalysts (SAACs) that found more than 200 yet unreported candidates. Their work provides a recipe for finding best SAACs for various applications. Single-atom-alloy ...


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New ion trap to create the world's most accurate mass spectrometer

Higher accuracy for biological samples and complex mixtures


Mass spectrometers are widely used to analyze highly complex chemical and biological mixtures. Skoltech scientists have developed a new version of a mass spectrometer that uses rotation frequencies of ionized molecules in strong magnetic fields to measure masses with higher accuracy (FT ICR). The ...


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Artificial Intelligence has learned to estimate oil viscosity

Indirect measurements are a lucky alternative for a variety of sectors


A group of Skoltech scientists developed machine learning (ML) algorithms that can teach artificial intelligence (AI) to determine oil viscosity based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data. The new method can come in handy for the petroleum industry and other sectors, which have to rely on ...


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Worth their salt: Researchers report first case of hexagonal NaCl


Skoltech and MIPT scientists have predicted and then experimentally confirmed the existence of exotic hexagonal thin films of NaCl on a diamond surface. These films may be useful as gate dielectrics for field effect transistors in electric vehicles and telecommunication equipment. As graphene, ...


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Keep away from water: A promising solid electrolyte is 'hydrophobic'

Direct implications for potential battery performance and lifetime


Skoltech researchers and their colleagues have shown that LATP, a solid electrolytes considered for use in next-generation energy storage, is highly sensitive to water, which has direct implications for potential battery performance and lifetime. Although renewable energy sources attract much ...


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New algorithm predicts optimal materials among all possible compounds

Method can speed up the search for record-breaking materials and usher in new technological breakthroughs


Skoltech researchers have offered a solution to the problem of searching for materials with required properties among all possible combinations of chemical elements. These combinations are virtually endless, and each has an infinite multitude of possible crystal structures; it is not feasible to ...


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