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Getting rid of those plastic shopping bags - acquire chemical raw materials

Plastic waste could be turned into clean fuels, other products


The United Nations estimates that more than 8 million tons of plastics flow into the oceans each year. A new chemical conversion process could transform the world's polyolefin waste, a form of plastic, into useful products, such as clean fuels and other items. "Our strategy is to create a driving ...


Better eco-efficiency of formates in gas drilling


Using cesium and potassium formates in completion fluids that stabilize boreholes in gas production is more eco-efficient than the application of brines based on zinc bromide, calcium bromide and calcium chloride. This is the result of an eco-efficiency analysis performed by BASF. Formates are ...


Merck KGaA and GTZ Form Strategic Alliance to Improve Chemicals Management in Southeast Asia

Partnership for sustainable development spans Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines


Merck KGaA announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (German Technical Cooperation - GTZ) intended to improve laboratory chemicals waste management in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Within the scope of a public ...


BNC chosen by leading Saudi Arabian research institution in multi-million pound environmental nanotechnology project


Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) announced that it has been chosen to lead the UK arm of a collaboration with a major research institution in the Middle East in a multi-million pound environmental nanotechnology endeavour. The agreement, worth in excess of £2 million over two years for BNC and its ...


Nanotechnology 'culture war' possible, says Yale study


Rather than infer that nanotechnology is safe, members of the public who learn about this novel science tend to become sharply polarized along cultural lines, according to a study conducted by the Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School in collaboration with the Project on Emerging ...


New material can find a needle in a nuclear waste haystack


Nuclear power has advantages, but, if this method of making power is to be viable long term, discovering new solutions to radioactive waste disposal and other problems are critical. Otherwise nuclear power is unlikely to become mainstream. A team of Northwestern University chemists is the first ...


Greener extraction of one of nature's whitest minerals


From medicine to make-up, plastics to paper - hardly a day goes by when we don't use titanium dioxide. Now researchers at the University of Leeds have developed a simpler, cheaper and greener method of extracting higher yields of one of this most useful and versatile of minerals. Unfortunately, ...


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Brenntag Oil & Gas cleans Total pipeline with compressed air and achieves a lower explosion level of 0%


Brenntag Oil & Gas Europe recently cleaned a 140 km / 60.96 cm crude transport line at Total Refinery in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, with N-SPEC® cleaning chemicals. Compressed air was applied as a propelling agent to transport the pigs through the pipeline, a technique hardly ever seen before ...


Nanoscientists play catch up with nature


Living things are great nanotechnologists, they use complex molecularsystems as tiny machines, switches and valves, nutrient processors, waste disposal units, motors and much more. Numerous research groups around the world hope to emulate nature's nanotech prowess by building their own molecular ...


3E Company Signs Agreement to Acquire Ariel Research

Leader in BPO-based EH&S Systems for Chemical Users Will Acquire Leader in Content and Managed Services for Chemical Manufacturers


3E Company®, a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) based solutions for Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) information and compliance management, announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Ariel Research Corporation, a leading provider of research and ...


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