Density meters:

DMA M-Dichtemessgeräte

Modular Density Meters for QC: Measure up to 8 Parameters at the Push of a Button

Anton Paar Germany GmbH

Unmatched modularity: expandable with modules for up to 8 measurement parameters simultaneously

Twice as effective viscosity correction as any other density meter

Incorrect measurements avoided from the outset, thanks to real-time detection of bubbles and particles

Space-saving systems for high-end density measurements and up to six-digit results

Anton Paar's DMA M density meters give you six-digit accuracy, the highest precision on the market, and unprecedented modularity. Expand your density meter to how you need it with modules for viscosity, optical rotation or refractive index, turbidity, pH or sound velocity, CO2, O2, color or alcohol content. This lets you measure up to 8 parameters with just a single click. Of course it is also possible to automate analyses thanks to the heatable plug & play sample changer.

The patented Pulsed Excitation Method corrects viscosity twice as effectively as any other density meter and therefore delivers the most stable density results.

 The patented FillingCheck feature displays filling errors such as bubbles and particles in real time immediately after filling, not when the measurement is over. For you this means that you will never again conduct incorrect measurements, the results of which you will subsequently have to discard. This is particularly useful for non-transparent samples where visual inspection of the measuring cell via the integrated camera is not possible.

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Due to the modular design of the density meters and to the automation possibilities, several parameters can be measured at the same time.


DMA M density meters enable a quick switch between different measurement temperatures without causing drift.


The DMA 4500 M Chemicals is equipped with more than 140 conversion tables, ranging from salts, acids and bases to alcohol, sugars and much more.


Optimize your production process: minimal sample consumption and unbeatable workflow efficiency from the creation of the sample list to data storage in the network.


Plug & play: 7 different sample changers can be easily retrofitted. The system you need for your application is sure to be among them.

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alcohol content measurement
CO2 measurement
oxygen content measurement
refractive index measurement

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Density meters: DMA M-Dichtemessgeräte

Modular Density Meters for QC: Measure up to 8 Parameters at the Push of a Button