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Flexible optical Oxygen & Temperature Meter

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

One instrument for high resolution oxygen measurements in gas & water & solvents


Compatible with various sensor formats
for oxygen measurements
in a wide range of samples


Measure fast & highly resolved with minisensors or non-invasive through contactless sensor read-out

with many different sensors for application in gas & water & solvents

The compact multi-channel oxygen meter FireSting-O2 can be combined with all optical oxygen and temperature sensors from PyroScience. The different exchangeable sensor formats for laboratory applications in aqueous liquids and gas phases comprise micro- & minisensors for measurements in small sample volumes or with high spatial resolution, robust probes and smart solutions for non-invasive oxygen sensing with contactless read-out in closed systems, flow-through cells and microfluidic applications (dissolved oxygen).

PyroScience offers also a solvent-resistant optical oxygen sensor (OXSOLV) for measurement of oxygen partial pressure in approved solvents. In addition to the wide variety of sensor formats and possible applications in chemistry, environmental and life sciences, the all-rounder FireSting-O2 offers automatic temperature and ambient pressure compensation of the oxygen measurements, as well as comfortable sensor calibration and data acquisition with the included customer-friendly Workbench software.

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