Compact benchtop Raman spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages

Two wavelengths for maximum sample variety


Intuitive user guidance on a 10" touchscreen


Small and easy to transport

Sample verification, sample identification, non-invasive analysis, autofocus, laser class 1

Cora 5001 is Anton Paar’s Raman spectrometer for quickly identifying substances, even through packaging. It provides excellent sensitivity for delivering the results you need while being outstandingly robust. With Cora 5001 you get results, not just spectra.

Whether you are working in quality control, incoming goods inspection, teaching, or R&D. Do you work with fluorescing substances or many different samples? To cover the widest range of samples and account for possible fluorescence, the “dual-core Raman” option gives you two different wavelengths in one instrument.

Each Raman core is a fully equipped independent optical spectrometer system. Hop from one wavelength to the other at the click of a button without alignment or recalibration and analyze the whole range of substances.

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