A system for catalyst characterisation, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements

The Top 3 Advantages

Integrated microreactor and quadrupole mass spectrometer manufactured by Hiden Analytical


Control of Microreactor, Mass Spectrometer, Temperature and Gas Flows in one software package


Ideal for catalyst characterisation and reaction testing

Integrated Microreactor-Mass Spectrometer for Reaction Testing, TPD/R/O and Pulse Chemisorption.

The CATLAB is a modular system designed as a complete solution from a single manufacturer, providing optimal analysis through seamless hardware-software integration. Using a low thermal mass furnace with built-in air cooling, the CATLAB microreactor can reach maximum temperatures with a heating ramp range of 1-20°C/min. An in-bed (type K) thermocouple can then provide direct sample measurement with an accuracy of within a single degree, offering ultra-precise thermodynamic insights for reaction studies and catalysis. Yet this is only one half of the modular system.

Using a quartz inlet capillary (QIC) species probe, the dedicated quadrupole mass spectrometer system acquires data from multiple species in real time. An application specific software package is included for automated control of MS data acquisition fully integrated with all the on-board devices including MFCs, furnace temperature, switching valves, and pulse injection. This combination allows for mutual kinetic and thermodynamic observation with the real-time acquisition of data for subsequent digital analysis.

  • Catalyst screening


  • Pulse chemisorption

  • Dispersion measurements

  • Adsorption isotherms

  • Reaction studies

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