Fully automated semiprep or/and prep system for laboratory-scale purification; also as GMP

The Top 3 Advantages

flow rates from up to 5,000 mL/min


binary, ternary and quaternary high- and low-pressure gradients


Flow control by pressure or volume

High-performance and compact HPLC system for semi-preparative and preparative applications

The LABOMATIC HD 5000 preparative HPLC system is an easy-to-use system for automated sample injection when gradient elution is required for sample purification. The binary gradient pump delivers flow rates from 1ml/min up to 1640 mL/min for purification with various column sizes. This system is tailor-made for routine laboratory-scale, high-throughput purification when milligrams to grams of starting material are available.

Regulatory issues are becoming increasingly important in preparative liquid chromatography, and GMP is an important consideration - even for pilot production scale.

We support you with certified systems for use in GMP laboratories for pharmaceutically qualified processes.

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    Since 1979 LABOMATIC Instruments AG is a successful, medium-sized company located in Allschwil, Basel-Land in Switzerland and specializes in two main areas: Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Liquid Handling Systems (LH). Specialized in high performance systems of preparative medium and high p ... more