Tensiometers: DCAT

Versatile tensiometer helps you to better understand your interfaces

DataPhysics Instruments GmbH

Modular tensiometer – extensions like temperature chamber and Langmuir trough available

Camera module allows image-weight correlation to determine adhesive force per unit area

Dosing unit with up to four syringes for an efficient automatic measurement of the CMC

Surface and interfacial tension, CMC, and adhesion force per area – measured with only one device

In the detergent industry, but also in the development of paints and coatings, measuring surface and interface tension as well as dynamic contact angles is very important. With the tensiometer DCAT 25 from DataPhysics Instruments and its standardised sample bodies you can conduct those and more measurements precisely and efficiently. The unique collision protection ensures that valuable sample bodies stay intact. The complimentary software allows to define your own measurement and cleaning cycles.

On top of standard measurements, the expandable, modular DCAT 25 offers a variety of additional possibilities. Available are, for example, temperature chambers up to 300 °C and a Langmuir through for studying monolayers. For wetting analyses, an optional camera module allows to correlate image-based and weight-based measurements, which enables the calculation of adhesive force per unit area. When analysing surfactants, the dosing system with up to four syringes makes automatic measurements of the critical micelle concentration (CMC) exceptionally efficient.


With the touchpad TP 50 you can intuitively operate the tensiometer DCAT 25.


The optional camera module allows for the correlation of image-based and force-based measurements.


The dosing module LDU with four syringes enables efficient automatic measurements of the critical micelle concentration (CMC).


The Langmuir through was developed specifically for the DCAT 25 to analyse monolayers.


A wide variety of sample bodies are available for the tensiometer DCAT 25.

Product classification


adhesive force measurement
automatic CMC-measurement
dynamic contact angle
laboratory analysis

Product categories

density measurement devices
force-based systems
surface analysis systems

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Tensiometers: DCAT

Versatile tensiometer helps you to better understand your interfaces