Kromasil by Nouryon PPC AB

An HPLC phase for 100% aqueous conditions while maintaining excellent efficiency

The Top 3 Advantages

Compatible with fully aqueous mobile phases


High efficiency media


Fully scalable from analytical to prep

Thriving in water - Fully wettable HPLC phase for your polar compounds

Kromasil C18(w) wettable HPLC phase is specifically designed for the analysis and separation of polar compounds. This high performing chromatography media permits loading and start in 100% aqueous conditions, enabling extended opportunities for engineers and scientists working with HPLC involving more polar compounds like amino acids, peptides and oligonucleotides.

If you work with analysis, in development or prep chromatography, the alternative selectivity offered by our Kromasil C18(w) wettable phase, reproducible on all particle sizes, can be of significant benefit for impurity isolation and API production.

Kromasil C18(w) wettable phase is designed with a less dense octyldecylsilane derivatization compared to a regular C18 and with polar embedded end-capping, assuring full access to the stationary phase under aqueous conditions and maintained selectivity, even if pressure drops.

The wettable phase is a member of our Classic 100 Å high-efficiency, totally porous silica product platform and is available in 5 and 10 μm particle sizes as bulk and slurry-packed HPLC columns.

  • HPLC

  • hplc analysis

  • hplc purification of api

  • hplc purification of oligonucleotides

  • hplc purification of peptides

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Kromasil by Nouryon PPC AB
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