Determine C,H,N, and S Fast and Reliable – in Every Matrix

Elemental Analysis of Petroleum, Coal, Surrogate Fuels, Wood, Gas and LPG

The analysis of CHN and S is a standard technique for caloric determination and environmental compatibility of fossil fuels such as coal, coke and peat as well as for regenerating raw materials such as biomass or combustible garbage. These elements are determined with highest precision and accuracy with our elemental analysers optimised for fuel analysis.

Forward-Looking for Energy and Environment

In addition to the classic determination of the calorific values of coal or oil, we are concentrating on the purity of solid fuels and environmentally friendly procedures for generating energy. Whether it is fuels, biomass or combustible waste - our analysers can detect traces of environmental toxins such as sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine. As a result of this, we consciously bridge a gap between the fields of solid fuel and environmental analysis, which will become increasingly important in the future. Our instruments are designed to fulfill future requirements, for example regarding the sensitivity of sulphur determination.

In addition to purity and environmental impact, we are able to also determine the origin and the quality of various solid fuels. Our CHN analysis is crucial for refining: The carbon-hydrogen ratio gives size to extracting the quality of oil after the conversion to fuel.

The Art of Elemental Analysis

  • Elemental analysers with large weighing range and large dynamic range of element concentrations and element ratio for the safe analysis of inhomogeneous substances such as solid fuels.
  • Elemental analysers for the reliable detection of sulphur and nitrogen at very low concentrations.
  • Chlorine determination optional
  • User-friendly design, e.g. sample feeding during operation as well as routine maintenance without tools
  • Low costs for investment and analysis
  • Optimised combustion technique even for difficult matrices or large sample weights
  • 10 years lifetime guarantee on furnace
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