Nitrogen determination with the Dumas method

The Top 3 Advantages

Ready for operation in no time - results every 3 minutes


Low operating costs for the determination of nitrogen content


Aqueous or solid samples? With the DUMATHERM you analyse both perfectly

DUMATHERM – the nitrogen analyser for high-throughput laboratories

If you have to determine the protein content of many samples every day, you will be delighted with the DUMATHERM nitrogen analyser. In comparison to the Kjeldahl method, the device works without aggressive chemicals and therefore does not require valuable space in the fume hood. Determine the nitrogen content of your samples up to 72 times faster after sample preparation than with the Kjeldahl method. With the autosampler of the DUMATHERM, the samples are clearly assigned at all times - even in busy everyday laboratory work, you will never mix up the samples again.

The DUMATHERM is also very economical with resources, reducing the costs per sample and making your laboratory work much more cost-effective. All components are easily accessible, and device maintenance is done in just a few minutes. This gives you more time for nitrogen determinations than with other nitrogen analysers.

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