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Multiwave Go Plus by Anton Paar

Space-saving microwave sample digestion for elemental analysis

Cool down in 8 minutes, up to 12 samples simultaneously

Process up to 12 samples more cost-effectively than ever before ✓ Saves a lot of space in the lab ✓ Saves hands-on time thanks to...

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Multiwave 7000 by Anton Paar

Digestion in a single run - without method development

High-pressure microwave digestion: Easy digestion of complex samples.

Space-saving: cooling, fume suction and touch screen integrated ✓ User-friendly thanks to automation and intuitive software ✓ Versatile...

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Multiwave 5000 by Anton Paar

The user-friendliest microwave for digestion: Next-level convenience and ease of use

Don't waste your time for sample preparation with assembling the digestion vessels

Easy rotor & vessel operation ✓ Top-notch work safety ✓ State-of-the-art, intuitive user interface ✓ Highest throughput: 41 simultaneous samples✓...

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