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State-of-the-art particle analysis

An unbeatable combination: particle size determination according to ISO 13320 with the robust PSA series and the new Kalliope software.

Anton Paar GmbH

The PSA from Anton Paar can be operated with a sample changer for liquid and dry dispersions.

Results from Anton Paar in the BAM 2019 round robin test. The PSA series with the Kalliope software achieves the maximum number of points.

Particle size distributions can generally be ideally resolved by improved calibration processes. This is particularly impressive for measurements of powder mixtures. Measured with a PSA instrument from Anton Paar (dispersed in water, evaluation according to Mie).

picture of the sample 'Quartz powder 2' with the microscope.

Laser diffraction is a well-established particle size measurement method whose main advantages include a broad measuring range, high precision and repeatability, and short response times.
Though robust, the method, like all particle sizing techniques, has a few caveats. The sampling method, dispersion parameters and a few key measurement parameters must be rationally selected and adjusted to ensure accurate and reproducible results.

This paper is a short guide to preparing and dispersing particles for size measurements using Anton Paar PSA instruments. The specifics of both liquid and dry measurement modes are discussed.

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