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  • thyssenkrupp receives major order for new chemical complex in Hungary

    thyssenkrupp’s Industrial Solutions business area has received a major order to build a new integrated chemical complex in Hungary. The customer for the project is the MOL Group, a leading international oil and gas company from Hungary. The contracts for the engineering, procurement and construction more

  • Polymers and Fuels from Renewable Resources

    Prof. Charlotte K. Williams from Oxford University receives the Otto Roelen Medal 2018. This prize will be awarded by DECHEMA and the German Catalysis Society in recognition of her developments in the field of highly active catalysts for carbon dioxide copolymerization. This enables renewable resour more

  • Chemical industry will use waste gas from steel factories to make plastics

    The use of carbon dioxide and other waste gases as a new source of raw materials is increasingly a topic of interest at the European level. A new consortium of 14 partners from seven countries, led by materials manufacturer Covestro, is now planning to investigate how flue gas from the steel industr more

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The Chemistry of the World Cup Football

A number of chemical materials are used in the manufacture of the Brazuca, the World Cup football. The majority of these materials are polymers; these are very long molecules built up from many smaller component molecules. A simple, everyday example is polyethene, used to make some plastic bags. Dif more

The Chemistry of the EURO 2016 Football

This year’s European Championships are now well under way in France, and there’s already been some great football on show. It might surprise you to learn that some chemistry has also been taking centre-stage! The EURO 2016 ball is a triumph of materials science, and in this post we take a look at so more

The Chemistry of a Football Shirt

With the new season of the Premier League kicking off this weekend, it seemed a good time to take a look at the chemicals that make up your average football shirt. Even if the start of a new football season isn’t the kind of event to fill you with excitement, it’s still intriguing from a chemistry p more

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Good Titration Practice™ Polyols and Polymers

Polyols and resins are becoming more and more relevant in our lives. Not only used for making polymers, polyols see more use in construction materials, paints and bonding. Titration is commonly used to quantify key characteristics of polyols which vary as much as their intended use. Learn the best m


How low can you go? New advances in the analysis of low molecular weight polymers by GPC/SEC

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is a very popular analytical tool for polymer characterization. Low molecular weight polymers such as polyols, epoxies and polycaprolactones (amongst others) are used in structural applications as well as for coat

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  • Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report Q3 2011

    The Saudi petrochemicals industry is leveraging its advantages in ethane feedstock to expand its Asian markets, with exports, output and production capacity set to continue to expand in 2011, according to BMI’s latest Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report. In the first two months of 2011, Saudi Arabia’ more

  • Axel Polymers Limited (AXP) - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Axel Polymers Limited (Axel Polymers) is engaged in manufacturing compounds, blends and alloys of engineering polymers. The company also manufactures mosquito nets. It manufactures a wide range of compounded grades of various engineering polymers as well as offers tailor made grades as per specifica more

  • Oltchim SA (OLT) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Oltchim SA (Oltchim) is one of the leading Romania-based petrochemical manufacturers. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of petrochemicals, chlor-alkali, technical and construction materials. Its products are categorized into three categories, namely, inorganic products, macromolecular prod more

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Polyol The name polyols refers to alcohols containing multiple hydroxyl groups. In two technological disciplines polyols have special meaning: food science and polymer chemistry . For information as it pertains to food ingredients, please see ... more


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