About ChemCom

ChemCom is dedicated to become a major player in the discovery of products and tools relevant to chemosensory technologies: e.g. taste, olfaction and other sensory modalities.

ChemCom offers products and services to food, cosmetic, agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

ChemCom developed a human artificial noze cloning and expressing all the recombinant olfactory receptors (G Protein-Coupled Receptors: GPCR) and cell signalling proteins involved in chemosensoring. The deorphanisation of all the olfactory receptors not only allows the understanding of odor recognition and discrimination but their use represents a powerful, robust and industrial tool. ChemCom capabilities concern the flavours & fragrances, cosmetic, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

The new biomolecular approach for the Flavor and Fragrances industries will help to discover, optimize, refine or replace molecules to be more potent and better protected. The technology allows to remove an undesirable taste or smell or to achieve a better profile. Hundreds to thousands of molecules of widely varying structures can be screened each day for desirable properties in a quantifiable, industrialized approach. Highly specific blockers (antagonists) can be discovered to achieve that objective.

Facts about ChemCom
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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