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  • Saccharidic tracers in atmospheric aerosols

    Atmosperic aerosols have a strong impact on the climate. Within the organic aerosol fraction, anhydrosugars and sugar alcohols are valuable tracers for biomass burning and biogenic sources. They are best determined by ion chromatography coupled to pu more

  • A granular look at sugar

    Our experience with sugar starts in early childhood – since breast milk contains lactose. Human sensory perception alone is, however, not enough more

  • Characterizing Biotherapeutics with HPLC

    As demonstrated here, there are a broad range of HPLC applications used in development, production, validation and release of protein therapeutics for human use. Some of the applications mentioned above are mandatory when submitting a new biopharmace more

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National Chemistry Week

In this graphic, we look at the amazing versatility of sucrose, and how (combined with other ingredients) it can make candies as hard as lollipops, or as soft as fudge. Whilst there are a huge variety of candies available, we can actually divide them into just two main categories: crystalline and no more

Why Doesn’t Honey Spoil?

Honey is something of an oddity, in that, unlike most foods, it doesn’t spoil over time. In fact, the oldest known sample of honey, found in an Ancient Egyptian tomb and dated to approximately 3000 years ago, was still perfectly edible (supposedly*). What is it, then, that gives honey this unusual p more

Baking Bread

Though chemistry teachers might have to regularly field questions about the chemistry of ‘Breaking Bad’ these days, baking bread is probably more likely to figure on a list of their recreational activities. Bread-making is a process that seems simple, essentially involving the mixing of just four in more

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  • Penford Corporation - Financial Analysis Review

    Penford Corporation - Financial Analysis Review Summary Penford Corporation (Penford) is principally engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing natural-based ingredient systems for various applications including papermaking, textiles, and food products. Penford along with its subsidiaries more

  • Production and Market of Xylitol in China

    Research ongoing, awaiting updates Report Highlights Companies Mentioned: Shandong Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Danisco Sweeteners (Anyang) Co., Ltd. Hebei Shengxue Glucose Co.,Ltd. Shandong Yucheng Lvjian Biological Technology Co., Ltd. more

  • Benchmarking on Glucosamine Production in China

    China has been getting stronger in the glucosamine supply in the world market due to the raw materials availability and cheap labor force, as well as the loose control in waste emission. Chinese companies are also active in the development of a variety of specifications, both glucosamine sulfate and more

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  • More than honey?

    For thousands of years, the word “honey” has been synonymous with an all-natural, healthy food. Unsurprisingly, honey has also enjoyed unwavering popularity with consumers – and especially in times when organic food and a healthy lifestyle are more in vogue than ever before. more



Glucose Glucose (Glc), a monosaccharide (or simple sugar ), is an important carbohydrate in biology . The living cell uses it as a source of energy and metabolic intermediate. Glucose is one of the main products of photosynthesis and starts ... more


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