Recycled PET bottles are turned into adhesive tapes

tesa develops a new packaging tape with backing material made from recycled post-consumer PET

12-Sep-2022 - Germany

tesa is launching another new, innovative packaging tape. The new tesa® 60412 includes a backing with 70% recycled (PCR) PET and a water-based acrylic adhesive system. The company is thus expanding its product portfolio of high-performance packaging tapes, which are partly made from recycled materials and bio-based raw materials. For many industries, such as the food & beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the logistics sector, tesa® 60412 is an ideal alternative to conventional polyvinyl chloride packaging tapes.

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tesa supports companies and customers in achieving their sustainability goals

For most companies and industries, the topic of sustainability has long been of great importance. When packing or sending goods and products, it is important to be as sustainable as possible. tesa would like to support its customers and partners in this endeavor. With tesa® 60412, the company has developed an adhesive tape that meets these requirements. The production process is completely solvent-free. Used PET products, including bottles, are recycled and utilized as raw material for the backing.

"The development of products that help promote sustainability is a strategically important goal for tesa. Our new tesa® 60412 PET packaging tape was therefore developed in a way that reduces environmental pollution as much as possible and at the same time guarantees high performance. By choosing a more sustainable packaging tape, our customers can get one step closer to their goals. We at tesa are proud to support them on this journey," says Andreas Walkembach, Head of Industrial Trade & Converting Europe at tesa.

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