SGE Analytical Science: eVol Wins prestigious R&D100 Technology Innovation Award

20-Jul-2010 - United Kingdom

eVol®, the world’s first automated analytical syringe created and manufactured by SGE Analytical Science, has been selected as a 2010 R&D100 Award winner. eVol® is a unique laboratory tool that removes the human limitation of manual liquid handling delivering significantly improved levels of accuracy, precision and reproducibility.

Erneute Auszeichnung fuer SGE

SGE is proud to receive this award saluting the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the market place over the past year. The R&D100 Awards serve as a benchmark for excellence in many industries including manufacturing and biotechnology.

“eVol® was created utilizing SGE’s unique knowledge of liquid handling combined with our design engineering capability,” said SGE Chairman Peter Dawes. He foresees wide application of the product. “Every laboratory manually handling liquids can derive benefits from eVol® in terms of improved results, workflow, safety for staff and resource savings. eVol® will revolutionize the way laboratories work and the pace at which they process samples."

What is eVol®?

eVol® is the world’s first digitally controlled positive displacement dispensing system solving many existing liquid handling issues. It simply and elegantly removes the human limitations of manual liquid handling and overcomes the problems associated with air displacement pipettes and dispensing organic solvents.

eVol® has been created by the coupling of a precision analytical syringe to a digitally controlled electronic drive. The result is a product that eliminates user error and allows significantly improved levels of precision and accuracy in manual dispensing thereby improving laboratory workflows and the reliability of reported results. eVol® can be easily calibrated enabling laboratories to comply with stringent global laboratory standards (e.g. GLP, GMP, FDA).

eVol® is the world’s first product to be enabled by SGE’s patented XCHANGE® technology - an innovative XCHANGE® magnetic coupling mechanism also available for integration onto robotic platforms. The integration of the XCHANGE® coupling with eVol® makes it possible for syringes to be rapidly and easily removed and replaced, allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids and/or methods and to prevent possible cross contamination.

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