Arkema: Price increase on organic peroxides

26-Oct-2010 - France

Arkema will implement, on November 1st, 2010, or as contracts allow, a price increase on perester, diacyl and dialkyl organic peroxides in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

These increases are necessary to offset raw material cost. The price increase ranges from 0,5 €/kg to 1.2 €/kg depending on specific products and will be applied to the following types of organic peroxides:

- Perester based products will increase by 0.5 €/kg.

- Luperox® 219M75 will increase by 0.8 €/kg.

- Lauryl peroxide will increase by 1.2 €/kg following the increase of the lauric acid.

- Luperox® 101 (2,5-dimethyl-2,5-di(tertio-butyl-peroxy)hexane) will increase by 0.8 €/kg.

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