05-Dec-2012 - DKSH Management Ltd.

DKSH reports increasing demand and success for supplier audit and certification

DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials, a specialty chemicals distributor, reports an increasing demand from customers for its Supplier Agreement Program (SAPA). SAPA is a unique service designed to ensure that suppliers understand the needs of customers and that they are able to deliver on these requirements. Primary criteria are ensuring quality, product purity and worldwide on-spec delivery. The new certification label “Qualified by DKSH” assures that a supplier also has access to the right technology, equipment, machinery, and personnel, that it behaves ethically and is financially sound.

SAPA was implemented within the framework provided by DKSH’s Regulatory Affairs department, which establishes the criteria for documentation, audit performance, full compliance and final approval of the supplier. Once the criteria have been fulfilled, DKSH recognizes the supplier for its excellent performance with the certificate “Qualified by DKSH”. In a globalized business world, there is the increasing need and trend of harmonization and standardization. DKSH’s Regulatory Affairs has established a reputation of offering top-notch regulatory expertise globally.

Dr. Robert Koller, DKSH Head Regulatory Affairs, explains: “With this audit and certification program in place, our customers can rely on our audit expertise and at the same time reduce non-compliance risks, recalls and major deviations. This service and is not offered by any of our competitors and is very beneficial for our customers in that it allows our customers to reduce costs and the number of audits. Since 2011, when SAPA was established, we have qualified 18 suppliers and there is a full pipeline until the end of the year.”

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