14-Dec-2012 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Improved Method for Separation of Anthocyanins in Cranberry and Bilberry Extracts

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced an enhanced method to separate anthocyanins in cranberry and bilberry extracts with increased speed and reduced solvent consumption per analysis as compared to a previously developed method. Application Note (AN) 1042: Rapid Separation of Anthocyanins in Cranberry and Bilberry Extracts Using a Core-Shell Particle Column demonstrates that this new method is simple, sensitive, rapid, and accurate, making it ideal for routine screening and quantification of anthocyanins in many natural products.

Application Note (AN) 1042 describes use of a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)  column to provide a qualitative analysis of bilberry extract, which is a complex sample with 15 anthocyanins and five anthocyanidins. This study also shows that the same HPLC column can be used to perform a quantitative analysis of cranberry extract with a 20-minute time savings as compared to the previously developed method. The advantage of using this particular column is that it is packed with solid core-porous shell particles, one of the newer developments in separation science.

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