18-Oct-2002 -

Thermo Labsystems Launches A New High Speed Microvolume Reagent Dispenser

Multidrop Micro rapidly, accurately and precisely dispenses microvolumes over a volume range of 1-50 ml into 96- and 384-well microplates. Using precision increments of just 1 ml, up to 8 different reagents can be dispensed into rows or columns. To fill an entire 384-well microplate with 2 ml in each well will take only 14 s. Accuracy is typically ± 10% and precision CV < 5% at 2 ml, which enables miniaturization of assays and reagent cost savings in high-throughput laboratories. Like other members of the Multidrop family, all Multidrop Micro's reagent lines can be back-flushed into the reagent bottle, minimizing the loss of expensive reagents.

Multidrop Micro's dispensing cassette is specially designed for microvolume dispensing. The cassette is easily detachable and autoclavable, to ensure sterile conditions and to avoid cross contamination.

Multidrop Micro is an easy to use compact stand-alone dispenser with quick volume selection from the instrument keypad. It can also be integrated with robotic systems. The new robotic optimized plate carrier greatly enhances the device's robotic compatibility.

The flexible volume range, high speed, and robotic compatibility make Multidrop Micro an excellent choice for reagent dispensing in the drug discovery process, especially in high-throughput screening.

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