25-Oct-2012 - Fritsch GmbH

FRITSCH Milling and Sizing subsidiary officially dedicated in Beijing

Confucius said: “It is of no importance how slow you go as long as you do not stop.“ And FRITSCH continuously takes a step ahead: Besides subsidiaries in Russia and Singapore, FRITSCH Milling and Sizing now founded a subsidiary in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

Since decades FRITSCH is involved in international markets and of course also in the Chinese market. In order to serve the growing customer base in a continuative, flexible, and customer oriented manner a subsidiary  was founded directly in Beijing.

The official dedication ceremony was held on October 24th, 2012 in Beijing. Customers from various industries, as well as FRITSCH employees and partners were present.  Maximilian and Sebastian Fritsch started the event by introducing the history of the company.

Afterwards FRITSCH Sales Manager Wolfgang Simon explained the development of the Chinese market of the last decade in the eyes of FRITSCH: “Experience showed that the Chinese market is divided into three segments for us. Customers are found in the areas of research for example universities and governmental institutions. Or Chinese firms which export into the EU and have to adhere to western standards prefer FRITSCH instruments. But also multinational firms in China which are already familiar with our laboratory equipment and appreciate the dependability, enjoy working with FRITSCH instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing here in China.”

FRITSCH employees Sala Bian and Diels Ding then introduced the latest FRITSCH products, and finally, Mr Li Xiao, Business Manager of FRITSCH Beijing Scientific Instruments officially dedicated the subsidiary.

And the further expansion of the subsidiary is already planned: The medium-term plans include the development of two additional FRITSCH offices, in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Two markets at once will be managed from Guangzhou: The South Chinese market as well as Hong Kong which is only 120 km away. 

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