16-Oct-2003 - LGC Ltd.

New method validation products available from LGC

LGC has launched two new products, both of which were produced as part of the DTI´s National Measurement System´s Valid Analytical Measurement (VAM) Programme. Both products, a guide and a software package, tackle the key issue of in-house method validation.

The guide, entitled In-house method validation: a guide for chemical laboratories, was produced in response to requests from small laboratories for user-friendly advice on conducting in-house method validation studies. It provides advice on the concepts and good practice in method validation for quantitative chemical analysis, and includes discussion of laboratory accreditation requirements. The guide adopts a holistic approach to the inter-related topics of method validation, measurement uncertainty and traceability and takes into account cost-benefit issues when considering the degree of rigour required. It is short, easy to read and is colour-coded to allow ready access to topics of interest.

Both products are primarily aimed at chemists, laboratory managers and quality assurance specialists. The guide will also be of interest to those who commission analytical laboratory work and who need to ensure that the analytical work they commission is fit for their intended purpose.

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