PerkinElmer Instruments Launches New Intracooler DSC Systems


PerkinElmer Instruments announces the release of two new intracooler-ready PYRIS™ 6 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) systems and a new two-stage intracooler. The addition of an intracooler expands the DSC operating range to –70oC to 450oC without requiring an expensive liquid nitrogen cooling system.

The new intracooler systems simplify set-up and reduce operating costs. They are ideal for performing subambient applications, including thermoplastics and elastomers with transitions above -70oC, as well as foods, especially those containing fats, such as chocolate, cocoa butter, and cookies. Additionally, high sensitivity performance enables the new intracooler PYRIS 6 DSC systems to be used to characterize pharmaceutical freeze-drying formulations.

When combined with the AS6 45-position autosampler accessory, the productivity of the instruments for QA/QC requirements is greatly enhanced. In addition, the high sensitivity of the PYRIS 6 DSC systems allows the detection of weak transitions often found in various biotech applications, such as protein denaturation. The introduction of the intracooler option extends the PYRIS 6 DSC instruments’ advantages – small size, simplicity, and high reliability – to applications that were difficult, costly, and inconvenient to achieve.

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