Air Liquide Signs Contract with Greek Pharmaceutical Leader VIANEX S.A.


Air Liquide is pleased to announce the signature of a 3-year contract with Greek pharmaceutical leader VIANEX S.A. for the annual supply of 2.5 million m3 of liquid nitrogen to the company's plant at Pallini, 30 km from Athens.

Installed by Air Liquide subsidiary Usifroid, this unit uses liquid nitrogen supplied by the Group to freeze-dry injectable sterile products. In the freeze-drying (also called lyophilization) process, the solvent, generally water, is frozen in two stages: sublimation and low-pressure evaporation. This method which requires highly specific production conditions yields excellent results, particularly in terms of conservation and stability of the products.

The necessary huge quantities of liquid nitrogen will be monitored by a remote control installation called Teleflo, an innovative system developed by Air Liquide to free its customers from the concerns of managing their gas supply. Teams from Air Liquide's Greek subsidiary, Air Liquide Hellas, have commissioned the installation in line with the customer's expectations.

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