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  • High-tech start-ups benefit from Twitter hype

    The short message service Twitter has played a prominent role in US politics in recent weeks and months and attracted a lot of attention. Even in business, Twitter users' tweets are being closely followed and used as a basis for decision-making. A new study shows that venture capitalists can also be more

  • USA still patent Superpower

    The international balance of power in innovation is shifting. When it comes to world-class patents in important cutting-edge technologies, the United States still occupies the leading position in almost every field. But China is catching up fast or has already overtaken the United States in some are more

  • This computer program makes pharma patents airtight

    Routes to making life-saving medications and other pharmaceutical compounds are among the most carefully protected trade secrets in global industry. Building on recent work programming computers to identify synthetic pathways leading to pharmaceutically complex molecules, researchers in Poland and S more

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Patent medicine

Patent medicine in 1906 Patent medicine is the somewhat misleading term given to various medical compound s sold under a variety of names and labels, though they were, for the most part, actually medicines with trademark s, not patent ed medici ... more


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