Particle analyzers: Analysette 28

The half-price particle size analyzer: Save money on analyzing powders, bulk solids & suspensions

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Costs 50 % less than comparable competitor products for most applications

State-of-the-art software that’s fun to use – including single image analysis of individual particles upon a mouse click

Fast evaluation at high image resolution – up to 75 images per second in microscopy quality

Analysette 28
Analysette 28
Analysette 28
Analysette 28
Analysette 28

Why spend twice as much? Amazingly good value particle size analyzer with software that’s fun to use

The FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the value-for-money champion for analyzing particle shapes and particle size distribution. The optical method of dynamic image analysis delivers results for particle sizes from 5 μm to 20 mm with a multitude of shape parameters and evaluation options. Your advantage: excellent flexibility for different measurement tasks. Even agglomerating samples can be processed easily by using the optional wet dispersion unit.

For fast single image viewing, each individual particle can be opened directly from the FRITSCH Cloud with a mouse click. The really important information for you about the morphology will be shown by the position of the data point in the Cloud. Without time-consuming search, you can immediately analyse and evaluate individual selected particles using all available size and shape parameters.

Even if you conduct many and frequent sieve analyses, this particle size analyzer is still the perfect, time-saving alternative without weighing, assembling of a sieve stack and time-consuming cleaning. And the follow-up costs are significantly reduced because calibrating and purchasing new sieves are no longer necessary.


Type: particle size analyzers
Method: dynamic image analysis
Min. measurement range: 5000 nm
Max. measurement range: 20000000 nm
Parameter: particle shape, particle size
Analysette 28


The new automatic wet dispersion unit of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer allows wet measurements from 5 µm to 3 mm in suspensions and emulsions.

Analysette 28


The particle size analyzer offers unbeatable value-for-money for dry measurements of powders and bulk materials.

Analysette 28


For both dry and wet measurement, 3 telecentric lenses each are available for different measuring ranges.

Analysette 28


Uncomplicated individual image analysis via the FRITSCH Cloud and Gallery. This makes analyzing particle size distribution and shapes enjoyable.

Analysette 28


Evaluation of a particle size distribution. The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is also perfectly suited as an alternative to cumbersome sieving.

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ceramic analysis
sand analysis

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Analysette 28

Particle analyzers: Analysette 28

The half-price particle size analyzer: Save money on analyzing powders, bulk solids & suspensions

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