Better analytics through better digestions

The Top 3 Advantages

Maximum sample throughput and low analysis costs


Reduced noise level with "silent mode technology" for pleasant working in the laboratory


Favorable maintenance and servicing costs, due to modular technology and less components

Sample preparation can be this simple and safe

The technical advantage of the new turboWAVE system is based on 25 years of experience with microwave pressure reactors (SRC technology "Single Reactor Chamber"). The turboWAVE-20 model offers increased sample throughput with consistently short program runs. Samples of different reactivity and quantity can be digested together in one program run without sacrificing digestion quality. The patented reaction control varies the microwave energy and adjusts it automatically and continuously to the reactive behavior of the samples. The result is the best digestions with the least amount of work.
The turboWAVE-20 system is characterized by its extremely reduced noise level. The special "silent mode technology" reduces the noise level of the system to a minimum during operation.
An enlarged display facilitates operation and guides the user intuitively through the application steps. All program steps are displayed graphically and automatically monitored in the background. Performing digestions has never been so easy.

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