Microwave synthesis in a high pressure system: Fast heating, fast cooling and always well stirred

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Fast: Extremely fast at heating up, minimizing the number of side reactions


Safe: Risk-free sampling possible even under pressure


Extreme: Suitable for extreme reaction conditions of up to 190 bar and 300 °C

How to avoid unwanted by-products in your chemical synthesis

Syntheses, extractions and hydrolyses are incredibly easy-to-do with the synthWAVE system. Extremely fast heating and cooling reduces the number of unwanted by-products during a synthesis to a minimum. The high continuous stirring power and the microwave power of up to 1500 watts let you carry out even difficult gas reactions, such as hydrogenations, without any problems. Direct heating of the sample during continuous stirring and the efficient cooling, thanks to the pressure shield, let you stay relaxed even during exothermic reactions. Despite being designed as a space-saving benchtop model, synthWAVE delivers fast, efficient synthesis performance as well as permanent pressure and temperature control. It conveniently performs preparations of up to 800 ml as well as combinatorial chemistry. Thanks to the PTFE lining, there are hardly any limits to the choice of reagents and solvents. Perform your synthesis between 5 and 10,000 times faster and save time.

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